In the economic engine of Montgomery County, where the growth of highly skilled jobs is outpacing available candidates, it is more critical than ever that we provide pathways to the careers that will directly power tomorrow’s workforce.  

That means preparing students for successful and rewarding careers – which in turn, will help fuel economic development in Montgomery County and beyond. 

Simply put: that’s good for the students, good for the employers, and good for the economy.

Ways to Engage Students:

These models are designed with the tools and best practices that businesses need to easily engage students; providing students with the experience to make them career-ready and building a pipeline of future employees. 

Career Exploration and Immersion - A half day, on-site career exploration activity where a group of students tour an organization and receive an overview of careers. 

Job Shadowing - A one-day, one-on-one experience on-site at an organization which enables a student to explore a particular industry or career. The student will observe, ask questions, and network.

Microinternship - Short-term placement with an employer, generally with a duration of less than 60 days, which focuses on the completion of a clearly defined project.

Virtual Internship - An internship where the student gains experience while working remotely. Virtual internships can also be hybrid in form (both on-site and off-site), providing the student and employer with additional flexibility.

Traditional Internship - Enables students to obtain professional development opportunities on-site with an employer. Traditional internships range from three to six months in time, and have the potential to lead into full-time opportunities post-graduation for students.

Team-based internship - A multi-disciplinary student team focused on solving a challenge for a business.


Benefits for Businesses Engaging in Career Experiential Activities:

USG is a recognized leader in economic and workforce preparation for Montgomery County and the greater region. It is more critical than ever that we provide pathway to degrees and careers that will directly power tomorrow’s workforce. 

Pipeline of Local Candidates

Developing of a potential pipeline of qualified applicants for future hire.


Opportunity for completion of designated projects for your organization.


Marketing and company name recognition among the area community, as well as local colleges and universities.

Industry Interest

Spurring of interest in your particular industry among future generations of employees.

New Perspectives

An opportunity to collect new ideas from students regarding processes, organizational branding, and more.

Students at USG. 

The next generation of your workforce.

Train them today to be your new hire tomorrow.