Who Can Attend
Tuesday, February 20, 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm
Using Leadership Skills to Combat Social Inequality

The Student Leadership & Diversity Training Series, in conjunction with the Lunch and Leads series and the USG Emerging Leadership Badge, are glad to welcome to campus Dr. Bryan Ellis.

Dr.  Ellis, a sociology professor at UMBC who specializes in diversity, will lead a discussion and workshop on social inequality and how leadership can help dismantle the social structures that perpetuate social inequality. Furthermore, Dr. Ellis' current research on race and police impunity examines the relationship between race, police homicides, and police non-convictions. In this work, he fuses critical race theory, conflict theory, and labeling theory to explain why so many police homicides are ruled justifiable.

Dinner will be provided by the Lunch and Leads series with funding from the SAS Innovation Grant. Space is limited: please RSVP using the button below.

Please contact Iris Schauerman at ischauer@umd.edu with any questions.