Meet Our Staff

Instructor Bios:

Kevin Platt

Yoga Instructor


Kevin has been practicing yoga as a student for 9 years and a teacher for 5 years.  Yoga found him just after being diagnosed with a spinal infection in 2009 as he was searching for ways to heal and move mindfully.  His background and interest in Exercise Science, Massage Therapy, Art Exploration, and Men's Group Work (Mankind Project) have helped him to heal and integrate lessons within his own body as well as provide a path of sharing these lessons through teaching. 
Kevin’s classes are soulful, energetic expressions of life and yoga. He allows space and intention for creative expression and development of your own yogic practice, while celebrating the connection we each bring as individuals into one community. His connection to intention and meditation is clear and allows each yogi to know themselves on a deeper level.  
Kevin delights in all kinds of movement, play, and stillness.  He loves to travel, Slackline, Fire spin, AcroYoga, Tree hug, Rap, Paint, Spend time with Soul Family, and learn. 

Kevin honors each yogis journey. Come and relax with yoga, every Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon! 


Zumba Instructor

Jasmine Campbell

Jasmine is a DC girl who loves fitness and music!  She started teaching Zumba in 2010, after graduating from high school in Washington, DC. Jasmine graduated from Kent state university in 2015 with bachelors in physical education and sports administration. She has taught physical education with dc public schools while leading many fitness classes in the DMV area such as boot camp, zumba, power toning, ballet, tap, modern, hip-hop and much more.  Jasmine’s greatest role in life is being an aunt to three boys! 
Come and stay fit with Jasmine every Wednesdays at 1pm. 



Melissa Andre
Personal Trainer/ Bootcamp INSTRUCTOR

Melissa Andre is an Action Certified Personal trainer, who has trained collegiate athletes, WCAC Varsity athletes; former bodybuilders and clients in achieving their desired fitness targets. Melissa is a former WCAC Varsity Athlete, WAGS athlete and current USA registered boxer who has won numerous awards including Coaches Award and MVP. During her spare time, she volunteers with disabled children, teaching them how to play soccer. Melissa will be working closely with USG students, staff and faculty members to meet their fitness goals.



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