Meet Our Staff

Instructor Bios:


Yoga Instructor


Jessica began her yoga journey back in 2010. She initially fell in love with the physical components of yoga, later progressing to a deeper understanding of body, mind and soul connection. Yoga for Jessica is like journaling; It is an unlimited expression of self, a dance between surrender and control, a deep journey within. Curiosity for inner peace and wisdom keeps her returning to the mat, time and time again. Jessica has instructed students of all backgrounds in Montgomery County for two years.

Jessica invites her students to explore how to use yoga as preventive medicine. Students will practice self-care by experiencing reduced stress levels, connecting breath and movement, and stretching and strengthening overused and underused muscles all in a nurturing, body-positive class.

The lessons you learn on your mat have rippling effects on the rest of your life. Jessica is honored to facilitate a spiritual, emotional, mindful and physical experience for the students at USG.

"Come. Take a break. Give yourself permission to take your seat. You are always welcomed!"  


Tanory Ateek
Zumba Instructor

Tanory is an AFAA certified Zumba instructor with seven years of Zumba teaching experience. Tanory's classes are fun, challenging, light-hearted experience of many different forms of dance, designed to increase heart rate in a safe and satisfying way. As a classically trained dancer with the Kirov Ballet, and 15 years of formal training in ballet, jazz, modern and hip-hop, she brings both depth and breadth to her classes. Tanory's classes are unique for the diversity of dance styles experiences, as well as the way that she brings toning, stretching, and even meditation into the class experience. Join Tanory on Tuesdays for Zumba fun!


Melissa Andre

Melissa Andre is an Action Certified Personal trainer, who has trained collegiate athletes, WCAC Varsity athletes; former bodybuilders and clients in achieving their desired fitness targets. Melissa is a former WCAC Varsity Athlete, WAGS athlete and current USA registered boxer who has won numerous awards including Coaches Award and MVP. During her spare time, she volunteers with disabled children, teaching them how to play soccer. Melissa will be working closely with USG students, staff and faculty members to meet their fitness goals.