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Streaming Video (Films on Demand)

Ever wanted to include videos in your teaching? All USG faculty have access to streaming educational video courtesy of the library.

On campus?View Now!

Off campus? Contact Leslie Pendley for your login account

Highlights include:

  • Videos and clips on subjects covering business, economics, humanities, social sciences, science, math, health, medicine, and archive films and newsreels.
  • Videos from BBC, TED, A&E, History Channel, ABC News, PBS, CBC, NOVA, CNBC, Open University, Cambridge Educational, Biography Channel, Ken Burns, Scientific American Frontiers
  • Related videos shown for each item
  • Unlimited, simultaneous, 24/7 access whenever you have internet connectivity
  • Titles are subdivided into shorter segments perfect for short classroom viewing
  • Interactive, full-text transcripts
  • Embeddable in BlackBoard, Moodle, and other CMS
  • Citations in Chicago, MLA, and APA styles
  • Create playlists and link to them from BlackBoard or your syllabus
  • Choose favorite videos and clips
  • Works on iPads
  • Closed-captioning available on some videos

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