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Computers & Equipment

The Priddy Library provides computers and equipment primarily for use within the Library. Only iPads can be taken outside of the Library. Click here to request an iPad.

Follow the links below for computer and equipment details.

Check Equipment Availability:

  iPads  Laptops

      iPad      laptop

  •  50 iPads                                   
  • 8 Dell Latitude Laptops

  Headphones VGA Cables & Adapters

Headphones vgaLightening to VGAminidisplay to VGA

  •  11 Headphones                                        
  • 6 VGA cables
  • 8 Miniport to VGA cables
  • 8 Lightning to VGA cables
  • 2 30-pin to VGA cables

  Linear PCM Recorders

  pcm recorder

  • 5 TASCAM Linear PCM Recorder
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