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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get long distance telephone/fax access, copier and postage meter service?

Program Coordinators should contact Valerie Campbell, Business & Finance Coordinator, to acquire the necessary access codes for long distance phone & faxes, copier and postage. Distribution of access codes to program staff and faculty is at the discretion of the Program Coordinator. Costs for these services are direct operating costs to the program and are the responsibility of the Partner Universities -- an institutional FRS account number is needed for billing purposes. Partners will receive quarterly expenditure reports and will be billed on an annual basis, along with the charges for room usage. In addition, fax and copy services are available in the USG Copy Center.

How do I get phone & voice mail service?

Program Coordinators must submit in writing (e-mail will suffice) the names of program faculty and staff to Paul Goetz, Telecommunications Site Manager, at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure user access in faculty and staff offices.

How do I get computer access?

Program Coordinators can use our online request forms.


How do I get keys to my office?

To obtain faculty and staff office/workstation keys contact Columbus Mack, Facilities Manager. All keys must be signed for by program coordinator and must be returned at the end of the semester. Institutions will be held accountable for any expenses incurred by the USG if keys are not returned.

How do I schedule a room for my classes?

Program Coordinators request class rooms based on the class schedules for the year. These rooms are scheduled based on the expected number of students in the class, time and day of class and specific requests for equipment in classes (i.e., labs or computer labs or smart classrooms). Program Coordinators submit their requests by April 15th for Fall classes, February 1 for Summer classes, and October 15 for Spring classes. USG billing to each of our partners is based on classroom reservations for the entire fiscal year. As a result, classroom space is filled based on those requests submitted at or before the due date. Requests submitted after the reservation due dates will be filled on an "as available" basis. Please note that rooms not being used for classes or academic programs are often scheduled for use by our Conference Center & Event Services clients as well. For information and scheduling of classroom and academic program space, please contact Elizabeth Yackley at eyackley@umd.edu or 301.738.6134.

How do I order books for my classes?  

Books may be ordered through the Barnes and Noble Book Store, located on the first floor of Building III.

Course packets are handled through the Copy Center.

What are the procedures for inclement weather? 

In the event of inclement weather, faculty, staff and students should check the USG website after 6 a.m. or call (301) 738-6000 to determine if the Center is closed or delayed. Closures and delays will be sent over the e2 Campus notification sytem.  To sign up,  go to:


Messages will also be placed with local TV & radio stations. If you feel that the weather poses too much of a threat for you to conduct class, you should contact students via e-mail or telephone as well as your program coordinator and Student Services at x6000 for posting of cancellations.

What if I need to cancel classes for other reasons?

If you should need to cancel a class unexpectedly, we request that you attempt to contact each student via e-mail or telephone as well as your program coordinator and USG staff at (301) 738-6000 to ensure posting of cancellations.

What is shady grove's policy on children in the classroom/facilites?

Shady Grove is not equipped to handle the needs of children.  At no time are children allowed to be without adult supervision at USG.  Students and instructors are asked not to bring children to class.

How do I find out about ongoing activities related to the Universities at Shady Grove?

The Universities at Shady Grove has program and center information available on its website. If you would like to contribute information to the website, please contact Russ Schlosburg (rschlosb@umd.edu).

How do I get duplication and transparency services?

The Shady Grove Copy Center is located on the first floor of SG II. Contact Frank Wilson at x6308 or sgcopy@mercury.umd.edu.

Other Services

Copy machines (for a fee) are available to the general public during the normal building hours and our located throughout the buildings. 

How do I place course materials on reserve at the SG library?

To find out more, please visit:


How do I get my University mail?

USG provides mailboxes for all faculty teaching at the facility. These mailboxes are  at the back of the lobby in SG II. If students need to deliver materials to an instructor, materials should be given to a USG staff member located at the Student Services reception desk in SG III. A US Postal Service drop box is located in the SG II lobby for stamped out-going mail. Also, a courier makes runs from USG to the University of Maryland College Park campus 3 days a week.

Where do I get office supplies?

Supplies are the responsibility of the program, therefore, please contact your program coordinator.

What computer and audiovisual equipment is available for classroom use?

USG has the following additional equipment available for faculty use:
  • Overhead Projector (available in the rooms)
  • Video Cassette Recorders & DVD players
  • Portable Computer Workstations with LCD Projector
  • Laptop Computer
  • Cassette/CD Player
  • 35mm Slide Projector
  • Scanners
  • Video cameras (DVD or cassette)

All Shady Grove equipment MUST be returned by 10 pm the same night. The USG encourages you to use this equipment as often as you would like. They do request that you, the faculty member, reserve the equipment 48 hours in advance by calling 301-738-6363, or by stopping by the computer lab in Building III, second floor.  Without prior notification, the USG cannot guarantee that the equipment will be available. If consecutive use of equipment is needed, only one month can be reserved at a time. Please note that overhead projectors are available in all rooms without request.

Computing Equipment Request Form

Internet usage

All classrooms are equipped with access to the Internet. However, access must be requested through the office of the Information Technology at least two days in advance. The portable computers of the Shady Grove Center are equipped with Internet Explorer, Netscape software and Ethernet cards to facilitate access.

Is there wireless access at USG?

Wireless network is available to all students, faculty and staff. Wireless access points are located in all public areas, including auditorium, library, lounges and multi-purpose rooms. In addition, there are access points located in the courtyard area between the two buildings. Wireless accounts can be requested by visiting the computer lab in Building III, second floor.

Is there an IT Help Desk at USG?

The IT Help Desk is open to assist you.  Please visit the second floor of Building III, or call the USG IT Helpline at 301.738.6363, or e-mail them at: usg-helpdesk@umd.edu. The IT Help Desk can assist in the following IT related areas:

  • Create e-mail accounts for students & faculty
  • Troubleshoot faculty office computers
  • Wireless network access and configuration
  • Loaner laptops and LCD projector set-up
  • Reset USG Novell account passwords used in technology classrooms or faculty offices
  • Troubleshoot software and hardware problems in technology classrooms and computer classrooms
  • Technology-related problems in the ITV and IVN classrooms 

How can I reserve a conference room?

Conference rooms can be reserved by contacting the scheduling coordinator, Elizabeth Yackley at eyackley@umd.edu.

Where is the lost & found?

The lost & found is located at the Student Services desk in SG III.

Meet the evening staff at the USG.

The student services office is located on the first floor of Building III and is staffed until 9 pm Monday-Thursday. USG staff are available to take resource requests, and answer both student services and center facility questions for evening faculty and students. The phone number is x6000. Please see them for any assistance at USG in the evening.

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