Disability Support & Test Proctoring

CAS serves as the Disability Support Services office at USG. CAS provides test proctoring services and can act as a liaison between students at USG and their home campus, as well as between students and their professors. All students who require support for learning disabilities should get in contact with CAS (email or call 301-738-6315) to make sure they are properly registered to receive accommodations and understand the accommodations process at USG. Note: If you are not registered for testing accommodations at your home campus, CAS cannot provide test proctoring services.

To request accommodations at USG

CAS provides accommodations approved by the students’ home institution disability offices, which evaluate each student, identify appropriate accommodations based on students’ disabilities and needs, and issue official accommodation letters. CAS works to implement accommodations at USG in a way that preserves confidentiality, equity, and integrity. To register for accommodations:

  • Coordinate with the disability support office at your home campus and get an official accommodations letter. 
  • Once registered with your home campus, contact CAS to drop off a copy of your accommodations letter, review your accommodations, and familiarize yourself with our procedures.  

to request a Test Proctoring appointment with CAS

Submit an online Test Request Form.  Once this form is submitted, both your professor and CAS will be notified. CAS will confirm your approved test request by scheduling you a proctoring appointment through our appointment system (WCOnline).


1)   You must submit your request at least 7 days before the date of the examIt is essential that CAS receive advance notice in order to schedule needed rooms and staff for scribing, reading, and supervising.

2)      You must submit a seperate Test Request Form for every exam you take at CAS.

3)   Test proctoring is available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. Those students whose classes meet outside our hours should work with the instructor to identify a time to take the test during our regular hours.

Test proctoring policies

Penalty for lateness: We recommend all students arrive 5-10 minutes
before the time their test proctoring appointment is scheduled to begin. When
students arrive late for a test that CAS is proctoring, the minutes they are
late will be subtracted from their total time allowed for the exam.

Items prohibited in the testing room: Food and Drinks, Cell phones, Laptops, Ipads, Bluetooth device, Backpacks, Purses, and other personal items. 

Faculty Responsiblities

Faculty are legally required to provide accommodations listed on students’ official accommodation letters while protecting students’ confidentiality to the best of their ability.

Test proctoring procedures for faculty:

  • Students with testing accommodations request to take an exam with CAS via the online student test request form seven days in advance of their exam. After submission of this form, faculty are sent a confirmation of the request via the email students provide for them.
  • Once a student requests test proctoring, faculty should complete the faculty test request form, which indicates their approval of the students’ requested date and time and provides CAS with specific instructions for test administration.
  • Hand-deliver or e-mail ( the exam at least 2 days prior to the student’s test proctoring appointment.
  • You may pick up the exam in the CAS office, or CAS will return the exam to your office or mailbox (please include office location on the faculty test request form).
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