Psychology (B.A.)

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The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is an exciting discipline, and at UMBC @ Shady Grove, students can share and participate in that excitement!

The UMBC's Psychology department provides an exceptional opportunity for students to see how basic laboratory research can be translated into treatments, interventions, and policies that improve the quality of life. Interested undergraduates learn from professionals in the field and have the opportunity to participate in research projects and internships. In recent years, students have participated in studies that look at the ways in which people make judgments on qualifications of people in the service industry based on the ethnicity of their names, how people approach or avoid their goals and the ways in which it relates to their fear of failure, and also the ways in which messages in the media can influence pre-adolescents.

The UMBC Psychology program offers concentrations in various areas for students to do in-depth exploration. The USG campus fully supports the following concentrations:

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Human Services Psychology

Students choose to major in psychology for many different reasons. Some students see the psychology major as the first step towards a career as a psychologist and plan to continue their studies in graduate school. Other students choose psychology because it fits into their more immediate occupational plans; majoring in psychology is a good way to start a career in social work as well as many other social service and public sector professions. Psychology is also often a first step toward careers in advertising, business, civil service, personnel/human relations, public relations or any other field that includes extensive work with people.

Many psychology majors go on to law or medical school. Finally, many students major in psychology just because it is interesting and fun. (If you ask your instructors, you are likely to find most of them started in psychology because they simply enjoy psychology!)

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