Political Science (B.A.)

UMBC's Political Science major is a liberal arts program that helps students think more critically and coherently about political matters. The major's required components cover both longstanding philosophical questions and contemporary social scientific knowledge about political life. UMBC's Political Science major offers many options for students interested in the study of political science as well as for students that are interested in rewarding jobs in government, public service, law, and other careers.

Typical career options for political science graduates include: government service and diplomacy, politics, law, teaching, journalism, business, and work as lobbyists, public affairs officers and directors of non-profit institutions, interest groups and international organizations. UMBC political science students have gone on to such outstanding law and graduate schools as Yale, the University of Chicago and the University of Virginia, as well as all Baltimore and Washington metropolitan area schools.

They have become judges and major partners in law firms, executive officers of major corporations, and some hold prominent administrative positions in the government. Some have become foreign service officers or have achieved cabinet-level positions in the state and local governments. Many have become tenured faculty members at colleges and universities.

For more information, please contact Sunil Dasgupta, UMBC Political Science Program Director, at or at 301.738.6313.

You may also click here for more program-specific information.

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