Exercise Science

Salisbury University's B.S. Exercise Science Program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in various health and fitness occupations, or for graduate education in exercise science or other pre-professional health-related disciplines such as physical therapy, physician assistance and medicine. The program is also designed to prepare students for professional certification by appropriate organizations.

Exercise Science students perform metabolic testing.

The academic foundation of exercise science is in physiology, bioenergetics, and movement anatomy and mechanics, with applications to exercise responses and adaptations, strength and conditioning, sport performance, and disease and injury. Courses include human anatomy & physiology, fitness instruction, exercise physiology, fitness and stress testing, kinesiology, and injury prevention and emergency management. The program requires a 375-hour internship experience (10 credits), and includes many hands-on opportunities in health and fitness initiatives and scientific research.

Program Information 

Below you will find the two year course sequence. The program will require additional electives depending on the number of credits that you have to date.

  • EXSC 344: Exercise Physiology
  • HLTH 317: Nutrition, Health & Human Performance
  • EXSC 300: Health-Fitness Programs & Professions
  • EXSC 462: Exercise & Special Populations
  • EXSC 333: Kinesiology
  • HLTH 325: Planning & Assessing Health Programs (required for Health minor)
  • HLTH 311: Human Sexuality Education (required for Health minor)
  • HLTH 401: Community Health (required for Health minor)
  • EXSC 472: Stress Testing & Exercise Prescription
USG- Year 2 SPRING SEMESTER                                          Exercise Science students practice skills in lab.
  • EXSC 479: Internship in Exercise Science
  • EXSC 480: Exercise Science Seminar         


Students may be eligible for the program if they meet the following criteria:

Earned an Associate’s Degree in Health Fitness at Montgomery College OR earned an Associate’s Degree from any Maryland Community College, and:

  • Earned a “C” or better Anatomy & Physiology I prior to starting program.
  • Earned a “C” or better Anatomy & Physiology II prior to starting program.
  • Have the ability to take and transfer in courses equivalent to SU’s 200-level Exercise major requirements. (They may be taken concurrently, but must meet prerequisite requirements for upper-level classes).
  • EXSC 213: Injury Prevention and Emergency Management
  • EXSC 240: Fitness Testing
  • EXSC 250: Strength Training Techniques and Program Design
  • EXSC 295: Fitness Instruction

Montgomgery College Course Equivalents will substitute for the courses listed above.  A four year suggested transfer pathway from Montgomery College's A.A. in Health Fitness to Salisbury University's B.S. in Exercise Science is outlined here.

Other students may be considered, please contact Abby Gibson if you are interested in having your transcript evaluated.

Contact Information

For more information on the Exercise Science Program at Shady
Grove, please contact Abby Gibson, Program Director, at 301-738-6228 or




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