Criminology and Criminal Justice

The University of Maryland, College Park offers a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & Criminal Justice at the Universities at Shady Grove in Rockville, MD. Students transfer into this program after completing their freshman and sophomore coursework (usually at a junior college) to complete their junior- and senior years with the option to attend full- or part-time.

Upon completion of this program, students are awarded a University of Maryland, College Park B.A. degree.

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Studying Criminology and Criminal Justice

Criminology and Criminal Justice encompasses the study of both the causes of, and responses to crime. It involves studying individual, group, and mass behavior, as well as the institutions, professions, and laws that exist to detect, control, and ameliorate the effects of crime. As a discipline, criminology and criminal justice is situated at the nexus of other social science disciplines such as sociology, psychology, and government, in addition to public policy and legal studies.

The Priddy Library at the Universities at Shady Grove provides access to resource materials, in print, digital, video and other forms, in addition to program curriculum textbooks. Some of these resources can be seen HERE.

Program Curriculum

At USG, courses are offered in criminology and criminal justice as well as other subjects necessary to meet University of Maryland, College Park graduation requirements. Full-time students admitted as juniors can complete five courses per semester and graduate after four semesters.

Additionally, students who complete at least three elective courses focused on law enforcement, within their degree requirements, may request a letter for future employers that describes the coursework completed.

See the 2-year Program Plan HERE.

Class Schedules

Classes are scheduled during the day and in the evening, Monday–Thursday, and periodically on Saturdays. Additionally, students may earn up to 12 credit hours through internships.

This program's academic calendar follows that of the University of Maryland, College Park, with regard to all holidays, vacation periods, and semester starting and ending dates.

Access a copy of the Fall 2016 Course Schedule HERE.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Students enrolled in this program are charged the same full- or part-time tuition as students attending the University of Maryland, College Park, however, Shady Grove students enjoy reduced facility fees.

Financial aid is available to eligible students enrolled in this program, and is administered through the University of Maryland, College Park. As this campus only accepts transfer students who have completed their freshman and sophomore years, transfer scholarships are also available to qualifying students.

Tuition & Fee Information

USG Terp Transfer Partnership

Student life

Through small class sizes and close contact with professors, students enjoy a rewarding and unique experience in this program. Coursework is complemented by the activities sponsored by CRIMSA, the Criminology and Criminal Justice Student Association, and local internships. Involvement in CRIMSA and internship opportunities allows students to cooperatively prepare for graduation and beyond, whether immediately beginning their careers or furthering their education at law or graduate school.

Each year the student graduating with the highest GPA is recognized with the Lejins Award (named after our department founder) and receives an honorarium from the Lejins Family trust. Past recipents of this award have been: Charbel (Charlie) Karim (2008), Jennifer Iwanczuk (2009), Christopher Jerman (2010), Brooke Sales (2011), and Lizbeth Carrillo (2012).

Common misconceptions

To help with the at-times confusing transfer process to USG, please refer to the chart below:

Myth/False Truth
Graduates will receive a degree from The Universities at Shady Grove Graduates of this program receive a Bachelors degree from the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP)
Students can transfer all of their community college coursework to UMCP UMCP will accept up to 60 applicable transfer credits from a 2-year institution towards this degree program at USG
USG is not a full service campus USG offers academic and financial aid counselors, academic support and career centers, a full service library, cafe, fitness facilities, student clubs, social activities, and more
There are no internship opportunities at USG USG and the CCJS department have partnered with several local law firms, law enforcement agencies, and similar organizations to offer internships for upper level college credit
Students at USG are not qualified for UMCP scholarships CCJS students at USG are eligible for both UMCP and USG scholarship opportunities
Students must travel to main campus at College Park for some classes There are ample courses offered at USG and students can complete all program requirements without traveling to main campus
All lower level coursework must be completed prior to transferring into the program With advisor approval, students can continue coursework at another institution to complete degree requirements
All admission requirements are identical to UMCP's main campus in College Park On main campus, CCJS is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP), but at USG, CCJS is not an LEP. A USG application is required to transfer to the USG program.

Contact Information

For further information about this program or admission requirements, please direct questions to:

Career Resources

The University Career Center has published Terp Guide.  It
is overflowing with great advice for students during every year of their
college career as well guidance for recent graduates and graduate students.  

For more career information in Criminology and Criminal Justice field, please click on the link below:


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