UMCP Communication Program

The University of Maryland, College Park offers a B.A. in Communication at the Universities at Shady Grove. Students transfer into this program having completed their freshman and sophomore coursework. Students have the option to complete their junior and senior years full time or part time. Highlights of the program are provided below:

What can one do with a Communication Degree?



Communication takes as its subject
matter the history, processes, and effects of human communication through
speech and its extensions. The departmental curriculum is designed to provide a
liberal education in the arts and sciences of human communication as well as
preparation for career opportunities in business, government, education, and
related fields.



The strength of a Communication major
resides in an understanding of the place of communication in humanity and in a
fully developed ability to participate effectively and responsibly in
communicating with others. Your education in Communication will go beyond
performance courses that teach the skills of speaking into courses that explore
our knowledge of communication in business, government, and other human
institutions and relationships.


Program Curriculum

Students at Shady Grove will follow the
Communication Studies track with an emphasis in Digital Media and Visual
Communication. The department offers an exciting curriculum that prepares
students for academic and professional careers in business, government, health,
education, social and human services, and related fields. Courses offered by
the department include persuasion and social influence, rhetoric and the
analysis of messages, political communication, organizational communication,
principles and strategies of public relations, negotiation, digital
communication, social media, website design, conflict management, and
intercultural communication, documentary theory, digital film making, screenwriting, andEditing in digital media. 

See the two-year program plan HERE

What can one do with a Communication Degree

Students who graduate with a communication degree are employed in marketing, promotions, public relations, event planning, human resource development and training, account management, community outreach, health communication, political communication, campaign planning and management, and more.

Experiential Learning

To further enhance learning and career training, the department incorporates special hands-on classes such as Marketing Communication Campaigns and Health Communication Campaigns. The department also strongly promotes internship and service learning opportunities with local and state businesses and institutions, and encourages students' participation in a student-run communication club.

Admissions Requirements

  • 75% of the CORE requirements including fundamental Studies in Mathematics and English;
  • Completion of a statistics course ( STAT100 or BMGT230) with a grade of C- or better;
  • Completion of a communication performance course (COMM107) with a grade of C- or better;
  • Completion of (or registered for) COMM250: Introduction to Communication Inquiry with a grade of C- or better

Communication Studies Curriculum

The department offers an exciting curriculum that prepares students for success in academic and professional careers in business, government, health, social services and related fields. While in the program, students study areas such as persuasion, social influence, political communication, interpersonal communication, conflict management, and intercultural communication.

Common misconceptions

To help with the at-times confusing transfer process to USG, please refer to the chart below:


Myth Truth
Graduates will receive a degree from The Universities at Shady Grove.

Graduates of this program receive a Bachelor's degree from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Students can transfer all oftheir community college coursework to UMCP. UMCP will accept up to 60 applicable transfer credits from a 2-year institution towards this degree program at USG.
USG is not a full service campus. USG offers academic and financial aid counselors, academic support and career centers, a full service library, cafe, fitness facilities, student clubs, social activities, and more.
There are no internship opportunities at USG. USG and the Communication Department have partnered with several businesses to offer internships for upper level college credit
Students at USG are not qualified for UMCP scholarships. Communication students at USG are eligible for both UMCP and USG scholarship opportunities
Students must travel to main campus at College park for some classes. There are ample courses offered at USG and students can complete all program requirements without traveling to main campus
All lower level coursework must be completed prior to transferring into the program With advisor approval, students can continue coursework at another institution to complete degree requirements.
All admission requirements are identical to UMCP's main campus in College Park. On main campus Communication is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP), but at USG Communication is not an LEP.


Contact Information

For prospective student information, please call Elizabeth Malliakos at (301) 738-6168 or via e-mail at

Elizabeth Malliakos
Program Management Specialist - Shady Grove
Department of Communication
9636 Gudelsky Drive, SGIII, 5123
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-738-6168

Lindsi Baltz
Program Coordinator - Shady Grove
Department of Communication
9636 Gudelsky Drive, SGIII, 5119
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: 301-738-6208

Dr. Leah Waks
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Communication
2101B Skinner Building
University of Maryland College Park
College Park, MD 20742
Phone: 301-405-6529

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