About Pharmacy

Today’s pharmacists do much more than dispensing medications. They are front line healthcare professionals involved in multiple aspects of a patient’s health with training in medication dispensing, while providing services such as immunizations, medication therapy management, chronic disease management, patient education, and more. Most importantly, pharmacists make a real impact on the lives of the patients for which they care.

About Our Program

Ours is a four-year full-time program in which students enter with a minimum of two years of undergraduate coursework. We are a top-ten ranked school with a comprehensive curriculum which allows students to explore different areas of pharmacy through electives and rotations. 

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore brought its Doctor of Pharmacy program to the Universities at Shady Grove in the fall of 2007. The curriculum is equivalent for both campuses and is delivered synchronously and asynchronously using web-based technology. The 160 students at Shady Grove are served by resident faculty members who facilitate active learning sessions and case-based discussions, offer elective courses, and oversee the pharmacy practice, pharmaceutics, and compounding labs on the campus. 

More About the Shady Grove Experience

Applying to Our Program

We admit 160 new students (120 students in Baltimore, 40 at Shady Grove) each fall semester. We require a PharmCAS application, a short supplemental school-specific application, and an in-person interview on our Baltimore campus. There are also a number of prerequisite courses to take before applying.

While we offer the same four-year PharmD degree at both campuses, the admissions process is handled entirely through the admissions office at the Baltimore campus. Prospective students apply to the program, and, once a student has been accepted, her or she decides which campus to attend.

More information about applying to our program

For on-site assistance at the Shady Grove campus, please contact:

Lisa Finn, Office Manager


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