Professional Master in Engineering

The Master of Engineering program is a practice oriented, part-time graduate program designed to assist engineers in the development of their professional careers and to provide the technical expertise needed in the business, government, and industrial environments. Late afternoon and evening classes are taught by the College Park faculty and experienced adjunct faculty at the College Park campus, designated learning centers in Maryland, and online.

The M.Eng. degree requires 30 credits of course work in one of the selected program options, as opposed to the Master of Science degree (M.S.) that requires 24 credits of course work plus six credits of thesis (thesis option), or 30 credits of course work, a written comprehension examination, plus a scholarly paper (non-thesis option). Because there is no research component to the M.Eng. degree, the M.S. degree is recommended for those individuals who may wish to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

We trust that you will find this 30 credit-hour program to be an affordable, convenient way to earn an engineering graduate degree, to "retool" and keep current with the latest technological developments in your field, or perhaps to develop a new area of expertise so as to further your career.

Vinette Brown-Darlington

Academic Options

* Also available 100% online

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