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Green Features

Green Slide Show

Find out more about our sustainable campus. Watch our powerpoint presentation to get more details on our efforts toward energy conservation, sustainable materials, recycling efforts and water conservation.

Green Slide Show (PDF)

Green Brochure

Here you will find an electronic version of our "green" brochure, "Building for a Sustainable Future".  In this pamphlet, you will find details about the construction and planning of SG III, information about the materials used throughout the building and details about the LEED certification process. You can dowload this brochure and use it for a self-guided tour throughout our new building.

Green Brochure

Green Education Room

Our Green Education Room and Light Bike are located in room III-2214A. Open each day for students and faculty, we provide a plethora of free information about greening your house and your school, as well as current news and information about the environment. You will also find many samples of the sustainable materials we used when constructing the Camille Kendall Academic Center.

Green Scorecard

Click here to see our green scorecard

Our Light Bike

Energy Bike Photo

Business Entrepreneur Richard Branson, of the Virgin organization, and actress Darryl Hannah, are among the first to check out our "light bike" at the Virgin Festival, in Baltimore in early August of 2007. We had this bike custom made to demonstrate alternative forms of power. If you ride the bike, you have a choice to power the traditional incandescent light or the compact fluorescent. You will quickly learn that in order to power the traditional bulb, you will have to work about four times as hard as if you were pedaling the compact fluorescent light. It is a very tangible lesson in saving energy and symbolic of our new green building.

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