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Bike racks, carpool parking spaces, and an electric recharging station for electric cars are available on the campus.

Carpool Permit sign


Directly in front of Building III and in the parking garage you will find a number of carpool spaces allocated for your convenience. Click here to apply for a carpool permit.

The following sites connect you with carpools in our area:

Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Have a fuel-efficient vehicle (FEV - 30 mph, city)? We have spaces reserved for you, too. Click here to apply for an FEV parking permit. 

Electric Recharging Station

Do you own an electric car? If so, our recharging station is available for your convenience right in front of Building III.

Public Transportation

The campus boasts easy access to public transportation.
Metro – Shady Grove Red Line
UM Shuttle - This shuttle takes students to and from USG to UMCP. Click here for the current schedule. (The UM Shuttle ONLY runs during Fall and Spring semesters).

Please watch the following video on the Rapid Transit Vehicle, which Communities for Transit (a local non-profit organization) hopes will serve as an alternative form of transportation in Montgomery County's developing Rapid Transit System.

Montgomery County Bikeshare

Montgomery County has installed a Bikeshare station located on Traville Gateway Drive behind Building III. Learn how Bikeshare works and locate other stations by visiting their webpage. 

Parking Garages

In addition to providing ample parking for our growing campus, both parking garages have been designed to have many green elements, including:

  • Designated parking spaces for hybrids, carpool vehicles, and bicycles
  • Daylight sensors to reduce power requirements and light pollution
  • White concrete on top deck to decrease heat island effect
  • Rainwater collection and water efficient landscaping
  • Carbon fiber reinforced precast structure to use less materials
  • Recycled contents: fly ash, concrete, and rebar
  • Materials with low volatile organic compounds
  • Thin brick and regional materials
  • Solar shading at windows
  • Energy efficient, machine room less elevator
  • Adjacent to public transportation routes
  • Water quality control device
  • Reclaimed green spaces
  • LED Lighting
  • No smoking policy in and around garage

Click here for information on the green inititaives with the new Shady Grove Garage.


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